Noise when started

author: Neo
Noise when started
As a new member of the kitchen appliance family, food waste disposer has been gradually recognized by domestic consumers in recent years, which is far from being understood and familiar. Therefore, in the process of getting along with this "new member" of the family, there will be a running in period. May occasionally question: is my machine screw loose?
If you encounter it, don't worry, it can be easily solved!
We should not turn on the machine blindly, shut down the machine or unplug the power.
We take down the splash guard of the machine (the material of black rubber + the fixing of steel ring can be pulled down) [the splash guard configured with metal three-point buckle can be taken down, and the B-series quick lock cannot be taken down, confirm your own model] the B-series splash guard can only be removed by hand to see if there is any foreign matter in the machine.
After confirming the foreign body, take it out by hand or with the help of chopsticks and clips. [there is too much garbage in the cavity to accurately judge whether it causes abnormal noise] please take out and clean up the foreign matters inside the machine.
Turn on the machine and listen to the noise [please close the water inlet triangle valve for the automatic water inlet machine]
The idling noise of the machine is low, without abnormal noise. If the abnormal noise is still loud, please repeat the third step. There is still unfinished garbage in the cavity of the machine, or foreign objects fall. Just take it out.