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User group of kitchen waste processor and kitchen waste processor

author: Neo
User group of kitchen waste processor and kitchen waste processor
Recently, many people asked, what are the functions of kitchen waste disposer and kitchen waste disposer? What is the future development of garbage disposal? As the kitchen waste processor and kitchen waste processor used by ordinary families, what is the response of the general public consumer group? I have sorted out some data to give you a brief introduction: trend since the implementation of waste classification measures in some provinces and cities in 2019, the soul torture after dinner is more than "who washes the dishes": who takes out the garbage. Everyone should know that if kitchen waste is not emptied every day, it is easy to produce mosquitoes and flies, and the polluted environment affects health and mood. The most effective way to get rid of this bad environment is to install a Dengshang kitchen food waste processor. Where is the magic tool of the kitchen food waste processor?Dengshang kitchen food waste processor is a kind of processor installed at the kitchen sewer to crush kitchen waste. After a series of grinding treatment, kitchen waste such as bone and fruit peel will become fine particles, and then be discharged along the water flow. This product is very common in Europe and the United States. The kitchen food waste processor can effectively solve the problem of household daily kitchen waste, and also solve the problem of "dry and wet" classification, While ensuring a clean home environment, it also reduces the pressure of waste classification and saves time and effort.

As we all know, Chinese food likes fishes and  meat, which will produce large pieces of kitchen waste like bones that are difficult to handle, which requires the garbage processor to have a stronger grinding ability. However, the food garbage processor of Jamey kitchen adopts the five-stage grinding technology of knife head + knife wall + Optimus prime + secondary grinding, which can easily deal with such food wastes as ribs and high fiber food; The intelligent forward and reverse rotation design enhances the flexibility of crushing, effectively avoids the phenomenon of "jam", and cooperates with the special dynamic balance processing upgraded grinding plate to ensure smooth operation and strong power brought by the AC motor. Its grinding capacity and strength are better than those of similar products in the market, which can meet the needs of daily household treatment of kitchen waste.