Advantages of food waste disposal units

author: Neo
Advantages of food waste disposal units

Advantages of food waste disposal units

  • Reduce the volume of food waste – lower the amount of food that ends up in the trash
  • Convenient and hygienic – will reduce any rotting food particles that end up in the trash
  • Easy to install – most kitchen sinks can have this unit installed
  • Keeps food scraps from landfills – may be more environmentally friendly than traditional disposal
  • Requires minimal energy – will only be a small addition to your current energy usage
  • Save money-help to save plastic bags 

Disadvantages of food waste disposal units

  • Not as eco-friendly as composting – will reduce waste but not the best overall option
  • Loud – running the unit late or early may disturb others
  • Not every unit will fit in the cabinet – standard food waste disposal units may not fit in small or unusually shaped cabinets
  • Bad odours are possible – bacteria build-up can lead to bad odours if not cleaned well
  • Possibility of problems – all units can jam, overheat, or leak water
  • Requires water to run – may not be ideal when water usage is limited