How Does A Food Waste Disposal Unit Work?

author: Neo
How Does A Food Waste Disposal Unit Work?

ood waste disposal units are fairly simple mechanisms. Although some would consider a food waste disposal unit to be similar to a paper shredder or a food processor, it’s actually a different mechanism.

Installed between the sink’s drain and its trap, this machine does not chop or shred food particles with sharp cutting blades. Instead, it uses a plate or grinder wheel in order to turn medium-sized food pieces into very small scraps.

The wheel is equipped with pointed impellers, also known as lugs. They spin rapidly to create a centrifugal force. When any biodegradable waste is fed into the unit, the wheel will grind up the food forced against a stationary grinder ring. Any remaining particles are then washed down the drain with water.

If used properly, a food waste disposal unit should not clog drain pipes and should be fairly jam-free. Like with all machines, however, food waste disposal units can have some issues.